Epolyly® L25

ε-Polylysine concentrate
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Epolyly® L25 is a pure ε-Polylysine concentrate derived naturally by fermentation of Streptomyces albulus PD-1. Epolyly® L25 concentrate is produced to reach high antimicrobial activity against fungi, Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. It is an ideal broad-spectrum natural antimicrobial for extending shelf life of a variety of foods.
 Inhibition of Total Plate Count (TPC)
 Shelf life extension
 Natural, Consumer friendly labelling
Bakery (e.g. Cakes, Pancakes, Puddings, Sweet pastries, Sweet syrups and toppings); Culinary (e.g. Boiled rice, Cooked vegetables, Custard cream, Noodles, Pickles, Salads, Sushi); Dairy (e.g. Cheeses, Sour cream, Yogurt); Meat (e.g. (Un) Cooked meat & poultry); Fish & Seafood (e.g. Fish and shellfish).
Epolyly® ε-Polylysine has been approved as a food preservative in 4 countries, including China, Japan, South Korea and the United States. It is recommended to use it after ensuring compliance with your local regulations.  
RTE rice (meat, vegetable and sauce)
Once cooked rice is perishable. Spoilage organisms, including Gram-positive bacteria (e.g. B. cereus), molds (e.g. P. roquefortii) and Gram-negative bacteria (e.g. P. lundensis) are naturally abundant. An addition of 0.1 ml/kg Epolyly® L25 has high efficacy against these microorganisms for a longer shelf life of cooked rice.
Soup, chowder, and stew are spoiled by various microorganisms, such as LAB, Listeria, Cl. botulinum and Bacilli etc. An addition of 0.075-0.125 ml/kg Epolyly® L25 is effective against Total Plate Count (TPC) for up to 50 days in such products.
Surimi products are mainly spoiled by spore-forming bacteria and turn yellowish with off-odors. An addition of 0.15 ml/kg Epolyly® L25 in Surimi, which can reduce the population of total bacteria, and extend the shelf-life od Surimi to 6 days compared to the control, 2 days stored at 5°C.
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