High Quality Product Certification

At Handary, food safety is our top priority. We maintain 100% traceability and transparency for our products. Our ISO, Kosher, and Halal certificates are certified by internationally accredited bodies and regularly updated.

Our Quality Control team utilizes advanced instruments to ensure ongoing performance improvement. We are dedicated to meeting customer needs and expectations, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and maintaining product quality.

We understand the importance of religious certificates in international markets. These certifications subject our products to rigorous quality control, providing carefully developed products of the highest quality.

At Handary, we strive to strengthen customer relationships and meet their demands through our commitment to food safety.

ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management

ISO 22000 sets out the requirements for a food safety management system. It can be used by all the direct and indirect food chain stakeholders, regardless of their size or their location in the world.

Halal Control Certification

This certificate guarantees that the products produced at Handary comply with the requirements of Islamic law and, therefore, are suitable for consumption both in Muslim-majority countries and in Western countries.

OK Kosher Certification

The kosher seal of approval from a rabbinical agency that verifies that they have examined the ingredients of the products, the production facility, and the actual production to ensure that all ingredients, derivatives, tools, and machinery are free from non-Kosher trace substances.