Handary Launches New Natural Preservation Solutions to Meet Consumer Demand for Sustainable Beverages


As consumers increasingly seek clean, sustainable, and socially responsible beverage brands, natural food protection solutions provider Handary has launched a new brochure outlining their latest innovations in beverage preservation.

The new brochure highlights Handary's expertise in utilizing natural ingredients to extend the shelf-life of beverages without compromising their taste, aroma, or appearance. According to a report by a global consumer trend forecasting company, today's consumers are rejecting synthetic preservatives and seeking out natural alternatives. In response, Handary has developed a range of solutions that help improve the microbial stability of beverages during and after production.

One particular area of focus for Handary's new brochure is ice tea, a popular beverage trend that often encounters challenges with yeast, molds, and bacteria. To address these issues, Handary has developed a complete solution using Fixolor AT and Planteria BF, which work synergistically with the formulation to safely extend the shelf life of the final tea product, while preserving its quality and taste.

As beverage companies continue to adapt to changing consumer preferences, Handary's natural preservation solutions offer a sustainable way to meet demand for clean, safe, and high-quality products.

You can now download our latest specific brochure with the results obtained on FIXOLOR® AT and PLANTERIA® BF IN PEACH TEA and a guide for its use. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to Contact Us!


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