Handary seeks to adapt to its employees by offering the best possible working atmosphere. For this we invest not only in people but also in infrastructure. This infrastructure helps the teams to work freely and comfortably not only to improve their team but also to strengthen the bonds between the different groups.

Brussels, Belgium - Office & Lab


Rue Colonel Bourg 127, 1140 Evere, Bruxelles, Belgium

We care about our work environment to make it be the most comfortable possible for our team, with shared spaces that allow us to exchange ideas, to collaborate, to integrate our solutions to achieve better results for our company.

In Brussels our sales and marketing team interacts freely with the technical and research & development team. This ensures that customer service is accurate, fast and comprehensive.

Brussels, Belgium - Headquarter

Brussels, Belgium - Technical Lab

Fleurus, Belgium - Factory & Lab

Production Plant

Avenue du Marquis 33, 6220 Fleurus, Belgium

Handary is equipped with the latest technology that allows us to be constantly progressive. We are innovators and passionate about continuous learning, and we ensure that we provide our global teams with opportunities to focus on learning and career development.

At Fleurus the production team is guided by the technical team and the R&D team together with logistics and quality control. With this collaboration we ensure that the products acquire the best quality for the customer and are delivered in perfect condition and on time.

Brussels, Belgium - Technical Lab

Suzhou, China - Sales Office

Sales Office

Taishan Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Handary is looking to expand and offer a specialised service not only in terms of product but also in terms of market. For this purpose, our office in China supports us with a specialised sales team to develop this market and thus new opportunities.