Working at Handary means fully embracing our values and our mission to develop and offer natural products to improve consumers' quality of life. The safety, quality and healthiness of our products are the key drivers of our team in the various departments.
Sales and Marketing, R&D and Quality control, Logistic and IT, Production, Technical support, Finance and Administration, all these departments work symbiotically with each other to always achieve excellent results and effective practical solutions

Sales Department

Handary markets its products successfully in more than 135 countries around the world. Our sales teams drive this achievement, taking care of customer relations, market sales strategies and our customers' supply chains.

The satisfaction of our customers is what drives our ongoing commitment to offering them the best natural solutions for their needs. At Handary, we have the opportunity and capacity to fulfil your career ambitions in sales.

If you have a desire for commercial success in a sales environment, a winning mentality, integrity and personal drive this team will be perfect for you. You will become part of a work environment that embraces diversity and innovation and is committed to making a difference.

Research & Development

In R&D, we are committed to developing products that extend food shelf life in a completely natural way. Our employees working in our R&D function are the key to our success.

They help drive our growth through innovative research that quickly translates into products and services that are good for both consumers and the planet. B

By joining us, you could be working on the next generation of plant-based foods, cutting-edge machine systems, and sustainable packaging solutions to ensure food safety. In addition to full-time positions, we also support passionate young people through internships because we believe that dedicated people are the ones who are able to always innovate and find new solutions.

Quality Control

Food safety is our top priority. We always ensure 100% traceability of our products and our up-to-date ISO, Kosher and Halal certificates ensure the necessary compliance with the required criteria.

Our highly specialised team is our foundation for ongoing performance improvement. Handary's quality control team is equipped with the best instruments to continually improve performance.

We meet customers' needs and expectations by ensuring compliance with food safety and product quality.

Marketing Department

The originality and diversity of our product portfolio makes marketing at Handary a rewarding, exciting and challenging career opportunity.

The marketing role encompasses all aspects of brand building. Our teams deal with brand communication, consumer insight, social media, product design and identity of our brand.

All this working closely with sales, R&D, technical support and our customers. To succeed as a member of our team, you will have to share our commitment to improving the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future for people and our planet.

Technical Support

The technical service at Handary encompasses all interactions that enhance the customer experience and contribute to improving the customer's relationship with the company.

This team is at total disposal for any doubts or questions that may arise or for any request for documents. It is a team that focuses on customer satisfaction by creating a family bond.

Production & Bioengineering

Handary's production team is responsible for performing tasks in industrial processes and are in charge of manufacturing our products, inspecting the efficiency of the items before distribution.

Our production team members operate a variety of equipment and machinery, which requires them to ensure that the equipment is in top working order to avoid potential hazards and delays in operations.

They also maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the production area, report any defects or malfunctioning components, and coordinate with the entire team to achieve production goals and objectives.

IT Department

Every IT team is different, at Handary our team tailors their role to our culture and needs, adjusting the types of systems we work on.

They are specialists and focus on specific technologies (such as networks or web services) or on specific types of systems (sales support, manufacturing, logistics, etc.).

Handary's IT team succeeds because they are the right group of people to meet any challenge that comes their way.

Logistic Department

Logistics support officers at Handary provide customer-focused logistics support including managing inbound and outbound goods, accounting for equipment, and preparing and packing cargo for shipment.

This team ensures that our products arrive worldwide to supply our customers on time and complete the entire purchasing process.

Finance & Administration

Our accounting and administration team handles and reports internal factors and figures that influence decision-making, operational control and management planning.

They manage and track income and expenses, extending to assisting with internal operational accounting tasks such as payroll, tax and asset management.